Front end developer


Long story short  

At Brand New Day we tend to do things differently. We’re definitely not boring or bureaucratic like any other bank or insurer. We don’t belong to one neither. We aren’t traditional bankers, but entrepreneurs. We just want to build the best bank for long term consumers savings and investment. In order to do that, we need the best development teams. We know this sounds like a marketing story. It isn’t. We honestly believe in doing things our own way and challenging the status quo. Still not convinced? Come in for a coffee with our lead developer or IT director. Or speak to the teams and see for yourself.  


What you will be doing  

We promise top-quality service to each and every one of our customers. That means almost 300,000 people have exceptionally high expectations of Brand New Day. We try to fulfil those expectations by creating our own systems. Next to working on clients or business needs, you spend more than 20>span class="EOP SCXW55141960 BCX0" data-ccp-props="{}"### 


How will you be doing this?  

  • You are an all-rounder in a Scrum team. You will have your own specialization, but you will also be able to perform all other tasks within the team.  

  • You prioritize your own work together with your team and Product Owner. You will receive immediate feedback from end users and you will have a lot of opportunities to experiment.  

  • You will be using the right tools for whatever job will be thrown at you. Choices that made in the past are not rules.   

  • You will work in a motivated team to meet ambitious deadlines. There is always a budget for good ideas.  

  • Big data is your guru, your gut feeling isn't. Measuring is knowing.  

  • By actively coaching and continuously providing feedback to team members.   


Required experience & skills  

  • You’re smart and have some way to prove it.  

  • Translate requirements and mockups into fully functioning features using JavaScript and HTML/CSS  

  • Pixel-perfect implementation of UI/UX with a focus on driving customer engagement and you strongly believe power of details, even 1px matters. 

  • Knowledge about design systems, creating and/or managing design patterns. 

  • Continuously look for ways to improve our websites and implement A/B tests in collaboration with our UX designer 

  • You’ve are able to prove your experience as a UI developer in a .Net/Visual Studio environment  

  • You’ve worked with MVC setups combined with Knockout, Angular or Backbone libraries  

  • You’re able to work with precompilers for metalanguages for HTML, CSS and Javascript 

  • You have experience working with RWD and mobile first and love performance   

  • Experience troubleshooting cross-browser compatibility issues  

  • You're experienced when it comes to improving the craftsmanship and technical skills of colleagues and help each other out.  

  • You're able to solve problems using accepted best practices and principles like OOP and design patterns.  

  • You care about code quality and maintainability 

  • You know how to automate recurring development steps and implement them in continuous integration and deployment systems.  

  • Scrum/Agile way of working is almost your second nature.  

  • You understand and investigate what a user wants and feels.  

  • Experience in working with large codebases and custom frameworks is a plus.  

  • Willing to relocate to Amsterdam (or within reasonable daily travel distance).  

  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal  


You will be working in a team with four other developers (3 backend, 1 front end) and a UX designer, each of them with their own specializations. Product backlog is established by the product owner in consultation with the team. 



  • Money 

  • A pension scheme invested in a superior way. Comes with top-notch service ;) 

  • Compensation for your travelling expenses. 

  • 25 days of paid leave 

  • A vibrant company, 200 great colleagues with an average age of 32 

  • Space for you to develop yourself and do things your own way. 

  • Freedom to provide your own solutions: discussing stuff based on good arguments instead of seniority 

  • Intensive collaboration within dedicated teams: frontend, backend, IT operations and testers 

  • The possibility to visit meetups or follow courses on topics you’re interested in 

  • The possibility to work a sprint in Bangkok with our colleagues there 

  • Possibility to be a SCRUM master within your own team 

  • Involvement in our Quality assurance program, which really fosters higher software quality and collaboration 

  • The possibility to work from home (company laptop provided) 

  • Good public transport connection to the office at Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA 


Procedure (keep calm, it will be as smooth as possible):  

1.    Interview at the office (or through Skype)  

2.    Code test  

3.    Meet the team  

4.    Be hired, be awesome